The Future of Sex - Astukari Newsletter #92

🔨What I’ve Been Making A week after I had recovered from my appendicitis surgery, we went on a trip to Stockholm (the trip had been planned long before my demise). It was my first *official* time out of the country, not counting day trips to Mexico on account of your grandparents living in Yuma. Anyway, it was great! Stockholm, to me, feels like a sort of “successful” version of San Francisco — the same sort of logic without all the homelessness and crime. However, my main takeaway from the trip was a sort of doubling down on living in America. America, to me, has higher highs and lower lows than Sweden, in a way that makes life exciting. Sweden by contrast feels almost too “safe”. Fun for a week, yes. But a month, a year, a lifetime? I feel like I’d get bored pretty fast. Meanwhile, I get to live in the Bay Area and experience the real-world equivalent of a GTA map. Sign me up! (I say this only half ironically).

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