astukari Newsletter #71 - The Three Most Important Things in Life

Hi friends,

Been experimenting a LOT with social media this week. I’ve decided to throw out wholesale the notion of just using social media to schedule advertisements, because that didn’t feel like me — and, as you all know by now, doing something that feels like you is essential to this blog. Now of course the issue then becomes how you advertise anything in the first place, but that’s more of a topic for the Ko-fi blog since I promised I wasn’t going to talk about boring logistic stuff here anymore. Let’s get into it!

Try a mystery article!

🔨What I’ve Been Making

Leverage and Wealth: A Simplification - The Age of Leverage is one of the most important concepts you can learn. Here it is, distilled.

Mind’s Eye and Creative Application - Do those with a strong “mind’s eye” have better creative processes? If so, can you train this subconscious eye?

[For those who prefer audio, there are now video summaries for Momentum and The Prestige Myth]


📚What I’ve Been Reading

On Time, Money, and Health  - AKA the “Three Most Important Things” mentioned in the newsletter head. How do you get them, and what do you do with them once you have them?

The One Where I Grew My Newsletter… - Okay, I’ll admit the title for this one isn’t too great. The key takeaway here is not that it is just another “grow your newsletter 10x with these strategies!”, but that people are finding quite cool ways to do this whole premium newsletter thing. Novel serialization? Whoda thunk!

Abstraction Laddering - I read quite a few of the problem solving toolkits posted on this site, but this one in particular stood out to me. I really like this idea of finding product ideas/solutions to issues. The image with the can opener summarizes it in full.

Adobe: The Psychology of User Onboarding - Another Growth Design case study, another time it is posted in this newsletter. This one is on Adobe’s horrid cancellation process. Lots to learn here!

How To Rapidly Improve At Any Programming Language - Spoiler: commit to open source.