astukari Newsletter #67 - How A Billionaire Saves

Hi friends,

I recently started full-time work. Because of this, expect some weird stuff with releases as I get used to the schedule. Things (like this newsletter) may start coming later in the day, or even on a different day entirely. I’ll certainly be able to handle the load (I purposely made Astukari low maintenance for this exact problem) but it’s more of a case of trying to figure out where everything can fit on a 24 hour, 7 day week schedule. Anyway, let’s move on to the issue!

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🔨What I’ve Been Making

Effective versus Efficient - Do you move fast and break things, or are you a perfectionist? And, more importantly, why does it matter?

The Experimental Method of Learning - I’ve tried out many methods of learning, and few have worked for me. This one is an exception.

[For those who prefer audio, there are now video summaries for On Relative Morality and Why You Shouldn’t Network]


📚What I’ve Been Reading

99 Additional Bits of Unsolicited Advice - A sequel to Kevin Kelly’s original post, which I’ve recommended in the past. Good advice to have!

Lord of the Roths - Alright, so maybe this piece of investigative political journalism isn’t actually trying to give you tax savings ideas. But the little capitalist within me can’t help but notice that Thiel’s strategy is brilliant here — make a big gain via an exit or something similar, then cash it out to a Roth IRA where it’s a) tax-advantaged and b) still getting a return. Sure we aren’t all billionaires like Thiel, but I can appreciate that this strategy is available to us as well.

DeFi Yields 101 - Yield farming is… weird. It’s less complicated than most modern derivative instruments, and it does check out in theory, but also keep in mind that crypto is still early and if the demand for these types of instruments ends up not being there, then this whole house of cards falls down real nasty-like. Still, it’s worth learning about these things and seeing if and where they fit into your risk portfolio. This post in specific is the best I’ve seen on the topic.

Advancing AI to Make Shopping Easier for Everyone - This Facebook Research report gives some pretty interesting insights of AI’s use in commerce. The Machine Learning Revolution has already started, and it will impact everything. Commerce is no exception.

(Only four articles today. I’ve actually run out of content to share and am currently trying to catch back up. If I’m not caught up by next biweek then I’ll start reposting some essential pieces which I’ve posted before in the past. I know most of you are new subscribers, so it shouldn’t be a problem!)