astukari Newsletter #65 - The Daily Routines of Writers

Hi there,

I am currently in that uncomfortable spot of working on a bunch of projects… but not yet able to release anything. It is pain to be working on a bunch of really cool stuff and then occasionally remember that “Oh yeah, no one has actually seen this yet”. The hard part of creating!

Well, fortunately these newsletters are still coming out. Speaking of which, let’s get right into number 65.

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🔨What I’ve Been Making

Those Who Make, and Those Who Work - There are some who prefer the old-world career system of working your way up the corporate later, and some who prefer the high-risk high-return world of creating. The question is, why do these people pretend the other side doesn’t exist?

 Post-Truth, Revisited - A few years ago I wrote how, with the proliferation of deep fakes and misinfo, we were entering a post-truth world. Now that we’ve entered that place, I wanted to return to some of the thoughts I had made.


📚What I’ve Been Reading

Quantum Approaches to Consciousness - My last recommendation from the Plato Encyclopedia (for now) suggests that free will and consciousness might be tied to quantum-level processes within the brain. It’s not a new idea (in fact, it’s been considered since the discover of quantum processes!) but it is a rather unique scientific interpretation of the idea of the soul.

The Daily Routines of 12 Famous Writers - I like looking at other people’s routines. If you pay close attention to what they do (not necessarily what they say), you can grab ideas of what you can do in your own life. This list of routines is from writers, but it isn’t necessarily for writers. I think a lot of these habits you can do regardless of profession.

Design Patterns for Managing Up - You ever stumble across an article and think, “Wow, this makes things so much easier. Why did it take so long for someone to make this?”. Or I suppose in this case, so long to discover it. This article breaks down the four most common work-related communication problems, and gives step-by-step instructions on how to fix them. Easy!

The Secret to a Great Planning Process - Usually these days I avoid business articles like the devil. But this one came across my lap and I thought it described a pretty interesting idea that I surprisingly had never seen before. It involves the “W Framework” that builds strategy in a hybrid fashion that involves both the team and the leadership. Made with small businesses in mind, though I’m sure implementing something like this in a large business would be a major achievement.

Crypto Tokens: A Breakthrough in Open Network Design - Next biweek’s newsletter is almost exclusively dedicated to cryptoassets. Here’s your teaser for what’s to come — a theory of how the main value of crypto comes from its ability to further expand the freedom of the internet.