Astukari Newsletter #64 - How To Be Remarkable

Hi there,

Last biweek I said there would be a repository of all my books available for free to my premium subscribers. This repo is now up! Enjoy your free goodies — overall it’s worth around $20 right now, but I’m hoping to increase that value-add over time :)

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🔨What I’ve Been Making

 The Prestige Myth - Prestige is used as a heuristic. Be careful in seeing it as a calling.

 The Unluckiest Man Alive - A thought experiment in the process of luck in a person’s success.


📚What I’ve Been Reading

Why the Canadian Tech Scene Doesn’t Work - Perhaps more relevantly, why the Bay Area Tech Scene does. An examination of what parts must be in play for innovation to foster.

Amazon’s 2020 Letter to Shareholders - I usually don’t read shareholder letters (too much fluff) but this one’s opening provides quite an insight on how capital markets still sometimes, just sometimes, generate real value.

How to be Remarkable - Seth Godin provides some tips on how to build competitive advantage in a personal brand (aka “remarkability”).

Common Knowledge - The last two links in today’s newsletter comes from Stanford’s Plato Encyclopedia (non-philosophers beware). This article goes over the interesting concepts of mutual knowledge, common knowledge, and the differences between the two.

Globalization - This article is another interesting examination in something we usually take for granted. Did globalization change the way we see the world — like, literally see the world? Here are some details on globalization might have changed our perceptions of time and space.