Astukari Newsletter #63 - How To Be Lucky

Hi there,

As promised, I’m still working on the premium version of this newsletter. Last biweek I added “advance” posts to Substack (posts for premium users released 2-3 weeks before they’re published to the blog). This biweek I added the Discord channel for premium users. And, hopefully next biweek, I’ll add a free repo for premium users to access all of my books for free. Exciting!

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🔨What I’ve Been Making

Honor and Glory - Honor and glory were the two biggest motivators of the ancient era. Can they still exist today?

Momentum, and the Value of Cold Showers - Momentum helps make hard tasks seem easy — but building momentum can be hard. Here are some cheat codes to getting it quicker.


📚What I’ve Been Reading

Investment Principles and Checklists - Some beautiful, beautiful human went through hundreds of pages of investing strategy and logic from the world’s top investors, and condensed it down into this single ~200-page document. I actually planned to come back to this today myself. Required reading for investors!

How to be Lucky - Come on. You know my opinion on luck at this point. You know I’m always sharing articles like this. This is yet another example of how creating luck is — albeit not an easy thing — a very possible thing.

Mental Toughness - I love The Profile because it always recommends a great series of mini-biographies. Occasionally, Polina will aggregate these profiles into a single subject. This one is on mental toughness, and it’s a fantastic read.

The Part-Time Creator Manifesto - Despite my long diatribes against the modern perspective on luck, I still believe in margins of safety. I, like Shawn Wang, am a part-time creator; not because I’m “half-in” but because I recognize the funding challenges of setting up an income generator early on. Shawn is actually a part-time creator for reasons different than I, but I still think his explanation of it is great.

Outgrowing Software - For the past ten years, software has been eating the world. So what’s next?