astukari Newsletter #62 - The Empathy Gap

Hi again,

If you’ve been paying attention to the Substack page, you’ll notice that there are now a few premium articles posted. I’ve started adding the advance posts in case people want to get premium. The Discord for premium users will also begin shortly. Other than that, on to the fun stuff!

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🔨What I’ve Been Making

The Mythical Self - How can you utilize the narrative fallacy to your advantage? How can you make yourself look more “mythical” than you actually are?

Faulty Mental Models - We talk a lot about successful mental models to use. But here are some that are better to avoid.


📚What I’ve Been Reading

Functorio - I’m always looking for new ways to learn programming concepts. This one teaches functional programming from the perspective of Factorio gameplay features. Fun!

Alliteracy and the empathy gap - A very long time ago I wrote a blog post entitled Why People Don’t Read. This post is sort of an extension of that — it talks about how people knowing how to read and choosing not to (alliteracy, as opposed to illiteracy) creates an empathy gap in that people don’t understand the other side of the coin because they don’t immerse themselves into those people’s experiences. I’m not sure if this is a book-specific problem, per se — you can gain empathy through film, music, and even gaming — but the empathy gap probably does exist.

Compress to Impress - This is an interesting take on dealing with information noise. An executive might say, “Here is our strategy”, only for the whole thing to turn into a game of telephone as it goes down the hierarchy. The best way to combat this is the same way to combat any noise — compress it.

Unfortunately, the website that hosted the two other links I was going to post today shut down :( . So instead I’ll let you all in on three projects I’ve been working on that haven’t quite hit the feed just yet. Consider these exclusives!

Publications - These are free, longer-form posts that go over specific topics in psychology that I’m interested in. This page is still unlisted for now — if you click this link early enough you might see that it’s still a bunch of my personal notes. A taste of things to come!

Are You “Different”? And Other Stories - Some might remember that I published Leviathan and the Codex of Aegis collection last year — two books I had written in high school that never got finished. Well, now I’ve written a new short story collection, that I wrote pretty recently. I’d like to think the quality has improved!

Apalla Alexandria: Business - A new course database has been released as part of the Apalla Alexandria program, for business subjects. Check it out if you’re interested in economics, management, finance, marketing, etc. etc.