Apalla #48 - The End (for now)

Hey all,

As you might have guessed by the name of this post, we’re taking a pause on the Apalla substack for now to instead work on our Alexandria collection. Still interested in what Apalla has to offer? Here’s some things we suggest:

  • First, subscribe to the blog for free. Our first introductory post back from our hiatus will be a free one like this, and so everyone will be able to get it in their email. We’re hoping in general to make more free posts on the Substack now that we have a formal product in place.

  • If you want to check out some of the other posts on the substack, feel free to subscribe, read at your leisure, and then cancel your subscription right after you’re done. I wouldn’t suggest staying subscribed as we don’t know when these posts will come back, but at this point you can read the whole thing for only the $5 for a first month. 

  • Or, of course, you can check out the Apalla Alexandria database. In addition to the STEM Block we have linked above, there’s also a Humanities Block, and more blocks are coming on the way (including a free one!) for more info on this, check out the About page on this Substack -- that’s where we plan on having our base of operations for now.

See you when we return!